Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Fedora 15 release

Many people here told me to try out Fedora. So I did it, and i must admit: It's a pretty cool distribution!
It is very easy to use and userfriendly.
Another good point is, it is easy to mod. When you use Ubuntu, youll see it can be very difficult to modify it for your usages (For example to include Pidgin instead of Empathy...but maybe this is more a problem of Gnome)
The only problems, I had with Fedora 14, was to install the graphics driver for my graphics card.
Im using a ATI Radeon HD 5700. Of course at first i looked for the drivers in the package manager. Without success. Then i downloaded the Linux driver on the ATI homepage and installed it. Hmm..didnt work well, aswell.
So i had to google for a few informations about fglrx installation on fedora. It still seems to be a bit complicated to install it, but finally i was successfull! (Hope this is going to be more easy in the next release!)

Tomorrow a new Fedora version will be released. Fedora 15.
Im really looking forward to it. It is going to use the new Desktopmanager Gnome 3 wthi the Gnome shell. It is one of the first distribution, which is using Gnome 3. In Ubuntu 11.04 you can install it for yourself, but i made the experiences, that is didnt work very well. So lets se, what Fedora 15 is going to be like! :)

Of course im going to Blog my first Experiences with it. But i think ill need a week for my next post, because tomorrow ill do road trip to amsterdam and stay there for about a week. So.. see you in a week!

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Staying up-to-date with the newest Distribution

Today i want to introduce you a page, where you can find nearly every Linux Distribution on earth.


If you are a Linux User and want to test some Distribution or want to find a new Distro for your Computer, it is the best to look at Distrowatch.
Distrowatch is updated a few times per day, and you can easyliy see which new Distributions are released that day.
You also can se a ranking of the 100 pupularest Distributions (This is the way i got known to Mint, btw ;) )
In my opinion its a pretty nice page, where you can find out everything about a special distribution, and what it is used for. If you're looking for someting special, Distrowatch is the right adress.

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

My favourite Distribution

My favourit Linux Distribution is Linux Mint.
It is based on Ubuntu. But in my opinion the problem with Ubuntu is, that you are a bit constrained. Ubuntu One, and all the things Ubuntu programed into Gnome..I dont like it.
In Mint, you have the same comfort like Ubuntu, but you are totally free and you can use whatever you want.
In a few days a new Mint will be released. I  totally looking forward to it! It will use Gnome3 as the default desktop. (Gnome 3 was released a few weeks ago)
At the moment, im using Ubuntu 11.04, with gnome 3. But Gnome 3 doesnt work very well with it, at the moment. Think it still has to be programed a bit.
So im really looking forward to Linux Mint 11 Katya!

Hello World

This is my first post. For computer scientists, the first word, printed on the screen in a new programm or homepage is Hello World...so:

Hello World!

At first someting about me. Im a IT student from germany. And like many IT Students im using Linux as my operation system. Many people think "aaahh linux...it sucks..nothing works" ...but in my opinion linux is the very best OS you can have. I have to admit, its not the easiest. In Windows you install a programm, and it works. More easy: Mac. Most times, you cant really install any program. Download it in Macstore and whatever... (I don't have many expieriences with Mac, to be honest)
Well, but linux is very different from all of these.
At first there is a Linux for everyone! There is a huge variety of different Linux distributions. There are Distributions for kids, with educations, for scientists, for the Police (with fingerprint analyzing, etc), for some kind of nerds, who want to build their own linux, with own drivers and so on, and of course for normal People like you and me.
For a newbie on Linux it is the easiest way to install Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a very userfriendly distribution. The installation is very easy. Just insert your CD and everything works. If your Computer isnt very old, everything will work out of the box. This way you can easy get known to Linux.
But...why am i using Linux and why should more other people use it? Well, of course it is a kind of the different tastes of the people. Think it would be the best way to make a list with Pros for Linux:

- most Distributions are Opensource. It means. the sourcecode of the programs is public. You dont have to pay for it, and if you don't like something you can change it for your own (of course it is nessesary to know something about programing then).

- You can adapt it to your personal needs. The looking as well as the working. There are different Desktop Manager, which you can change however you want. The most known are Gnome and KDE.

- Software Repositories. If you need a program, you can just look in the Repositories (Like Macstore) . Most times you'll be successfull.

- Many updates. When you start using Linux you'll notice, you get many updates! Sometimes dayly! When you look at Microsoft...they need a few month to create a new update.

- It runs. Sounds stupid but it's true. If you have a running Linux system, it'll run forever, if you dont change configs, etc. You can install programms as you want, without making the PC slower. Back to Windows: The only time, when Windows runns good, is right after a new installation. If you install some programms, the PC soon starts to get slower. Don't know why, but its fact.

- Nearly no maleware. Nothing to add here ;)

Well I think it's enough for the first time. I hope i convinced somebody, to use Linux. And in a few years linux is suitable for everybody :)